The Middle Wing

The Middle School Wing extends from Class VI to X. We will extend further to Senior Secondary in the years to come. One of the most important functions of this wing is to develop and master their areas of interest. Hence the students are taught how to harness their talents in a constructive fashion. The emphasis is given on logical and categorical thinking. Exploiting the infrastructural advantages such as Library, Multimedia rooms, Educational and Subjective labs play a huge role in developing a sound mind in our children. We ensure all that they require to complete their projects conduct experiments and study concepts. Feedback and assessment is very important in any learning process and students are provided the same, thus enabling them to build and gather confidence in the work they do and deliver.

  • The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge.
  • The course curriculum is research oriented and carried on by teamwork, discussions, group projects and exploration.
  • Personality development, Value education and coping up with peer pressure are stresses\d upon at this stage.
  • Extra classes are arranged inside the school campus after school hours for the weaker students especially who need a little more added care and attention.