Ø  Number of Sections: Presently the classes are from Nursery to X standard, each having individual sections to it. We are planning to expand the number of sections in the years to come ahead.

Ø  Time for Classes: DIS runs for six day week consisting of 42 periods each of 40 minutes.

Ø  Teachers to Students Ratio: Guidance given by the teachers should reach to every pupil in the class. Hence the School maintains a strict teachers and students ratio (1:25) so that every word spoken in the class is carried away in a proper manner.

Ø  School Diary: To convey the concerned teacher’s message to the parents, the School provides a School Diary to every pupil so as to keep the School process well transparent before the student’s guardian.

Ø  Academic Calendar: The Academic Calendar gives the sequence of the events and activities that will be organized in Discovery International School within a calendar year. The parents are therefore supposed to be well responsive of the activities and functions which are to take place.

Ø  Activity Calendar: An Activity calendar is planned previously before the session starts and is given to the students during the beginning of the session. The children actively participate in all the activities which are generally held on Saturdays.

Ø  Parent Teacher Meeting: It is organized after every FAs (Formative Assessment) and SAs (Summative Assessment) for the betterment of the student. Generally we organize it on Sundays so that many parents can turn up with their wards and have an interactive session regarding the progress of the child.

Ø  Extra Classes for Competitive Examinations: Our students not only excel in regular academics but also are guided and given special attention to crack special examinations like JNV, SAINIK, NTSE, Math, Science and other Olympiads, Subjective Competitions, etc.

Ø  Morning Assembly: Students of DIS start their day in a spiritual manner by enchanting and devoting prayers. Separate assembly is organized for the Pre and Primary School. It takes place class wise where the entire class presenting for the week will be responsible for organizing the same.

The entire program is managed completely by students, including the content writing, production, and even managing the sound system. The teachers ensure that the students enter and exit properly with the sound of the drumbeat, and that younger classes reach back to their classrooms safely. It is a chance and platform for our students to connect with each other, and begin the day with a feeling of direction and unity. The class responsible for the assembly organizes a set of interesting activities that include news updates, general knowledge questions, poems, songs, and other items that enable them to showcase their public presentation and entertainment skills. It also makes and mark their first step to build their confidence.